By Olufemilade Oyinade

A cleric has revealed many secrets for sustaining and keeping marriage which couples should unwaveringly hold on to if they desired to truly sustain their marriages.

Reeling out these essentially needful points at the marital vow between Adisa and Anike held today at the Event Centre, Oloronbo area of Abeokuta, Khalifa Muhammed Alade Bello, the Wakili of Kuto Muslims Community stated the absence of these important aspects in any marriages portends troubles.

Wakilu Alade highlighted these secrets to include, amongst others: respect for another, Mutual understanding, tolerance, neatness, amiability, sincerity, acceptability of each other’s families and many others laced within the essential points.

The Muslim leader charged couples to remember that marriage is a blessing ordained by God, adding that anyone who wanted an enduring one should not prioritise beauty, because according to him a beauty could be lost to accident such as auto, fire and its allied unexpected cases.

He warned couples not to love for wealth because according to him wealth could be lost to any unfortunate incidents such as mismanagement, fraud, wrong investment venture or change in government policies.

Khalifa Alade stated the most beneficial marriage is the one hinged on God. He therefore charged any man or woman who desired to sustain his or her marriage to search for a woman or man who devotedly worship God on the grounds that whoever has God has not only everything but in totality everything.

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