Iya Aladura, Esther Ajayi

By Olamide Yinusa

“I don’t have a Private Jet yet… I see private jet as an instrument of evangelism. I have flown on chartered private jet with associates on a few gospel trips, but I don’t want a private jet or wealth that I won’t be in a position to help the poor or needy”.

These were the words of renowned Iya Aladura, Esther Ayayi in one of her many interviews in recent time where she spoke as frankly as possible.

She disclosed she cherished having one, but added if having one would cost her the opportunity of helping the needy members of the society she would not want it.

Iya Aladura Ajayi stated that every community in the climes are populated by a lot of people who needed one assistance or the other and that any opportunity to give a hand to some of them often give her joy and sense of fulfilment.

She said: “Having a private plane is good as it will, no doubt, help in evangelism. I have had reason to hire on one occasion and I paid about Five Million. We were seven in it. I hired it because I urgently had an appointment to catch. But I must day this, If buying one rub me the opportunity of helping the need, I will rather not have it”, Esther stressed.

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