By Bisade Ojoye

As the dwindling economic situation continues to take a toll on the standard of living of the people and the hope of the needy in the society continues to burn out, Olanreju OMO George foundation has chosen to ameliorate the pangs on them.

The Medical Director of Foundation, Pastor Oludare David in an interview with our Editor at the palace of Alakenne disclosed that the Founder of the foundation has taken it upon himself to provide for the needy in the society in terms of their medical treatment, Salaries for the vulnerable and elderly as well as vocational training for women and indigent youths.

Oludare said the foundation has taken its free mobile medical outreach to the nooks and crannies of the Nigerian Nation with special attention to all ages and particularly children, carrying out test and providing quality drugs and other needed materials instantaneously.

He said the foundation has been moving round various communities in Remo land, Ogun State in the South Western part of Nigeria, adding that they have mapped out plans to take it to schools in order to be able attend to pupils and students specifically.

Pastor Oludare said the foundation has been paying salaries to over 300 hundred elderly people as well as sponsoring various vocational trainings for women and indigent youths usually drawn from various communities, irrespective of their tribes or religion or political affiliation.

“The aims and objectives of the foundation is basically to provide succour to the needy without any form of colouration or geographic divides.

“The founder of Omo George Foundation may not be the richest in Nigeria let alone in the world but he always feel uncool to see fellow human being suffer or lack basic needs of life. He feels happy whenever he is able to give a hand to the needy

“He believes the world will become a better place when each and everyone, blessed by God resolve to help others who need or lack basic needs of life in order to survive the appalling situations they found themselves.

Pastor Oludare stated that the founder of the foundation who was simply described as Omo George started the drive to improve the world since himself was young and trying to find his own feet, because he believed sharing whatever he had with his friends and neighbours could meet some needs. “He is a man endowed with a golden heart”, Oludare stressed.

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