By Abiodun Ali

Legendary Nigerian singer/songwriter, television presenter, publisher and producer, Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, aka, Charly Boy
has concluded arrangements on his song ‘Which Way Nigeria’ and other notable projects.

Regarded as one of Nigeria’s most controversial entertainers because of his alternative lifestyle, political views, Area Fada has continued to stimulate the minds of African Youths as he has done consistently for decades through his unique mystical forms of Artistic expressions , delivered through music and recently in blockbuster movies.

‘Which way Nigeria” is a brand new song from Charly Boy. The work is ‘A Goodwill Message’ to the Nigerian people in these turbulent times.

In his words, Area Fada said the core message of the song would steer up the youths in the positive direction and l “Awaken” their minds with the charge to step up to the expectations and take charge of their destinies.”

The cleverly orchestrated and well delivered conscious lyrics of the song is brought alive by its visuals. The song will be available on all streaming platforms globally for everyone to enjoy.

Also, the Area Fada is currently putting finishing touches to some fresh works to be unveiled in few weeks.

Charley Boy entered the music industry in 1982, and in 1984 independently released the highlife single ‘Obodo Giri Giri’. In 1985 he was nearly denied a record deal with Polygram Nigeria due to his unconventional appearance until he was introduced to managing director Ton Seysener who signed him, and Nwata Miss was released.

Again, in the late eighties Oputa, with the help of stylist and fellow singer/songwriter Tyna Onwudiwe, created a new punk persona consisting of leather jackets and boots, power bikes, mohawks, and a new direction in music, combining African pop and Afrobeat.

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