By Adeseye Ilerioluwa

Nigerians have been urged to prioritise security as they regale in the celebration of Eld-el Fitri and embrace the essence and lessons of Ramadan.

This charge was given today in his Eld-el Fitri message in Abuja by the Commander-General of Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN), Navy Captain Bakori Umar (rtd)

The Commander General opined that if Nigerians, particularly Muslims truly armed themselves with the essence of Ramadan, there wouldn’t be any act of banditry, ethnic bigotry, senseless killings and all sorts of inhumanity presently experienced in Nigeria and indeed the world.

He condemned the seemingly unending banditry and threat of war in the nation which he said has interspersed the people of the country so much that it has started threatening the hitherto warmly, progressively and developmentally oriented relationship among the people.

Captain Umar reiterated, “Ramadan teaches friendship, harmonious and progressive relationship, which is by extension protection, sharing, giving and love. It also teaches one indubitable fact that we are one before our creator who, in His magnanimity put us together as brothers and sisters in the Nigerian nation.

The Commander- General of Vigilante Group urged Nigerians to fight whatever has been dividing them and stop fighting one another, because according to him, it has been adversely frustrating and thwarting all developmental initiatives of the federal government as well as the efforts of states’ governments.

“It is disturbing and unbelievably shocking that today in Nigeria, the Northerners suspect the Westerners, the Westerners suspect the Easterners. We longer trust one another. There is no longer mutual love and spirit of ones that berthed at the formative years of Nigeria. Where is the love that we commonly shared? We need to find it in order for our country to progress and earn a pride of place amongst comity of nations”.

Captain Umar used the opportunity to directed all officers and men of the group throughout the nation to be at alert, during the Eld-el fitri celebration to ensure the protection of lives and properties of the people.

He urged them to form cluster around fun spots, event centres, prayer grounds and others in order to forestall any atrocious activities of the conscienceless elements who are destitute of integrity.

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