The Ogun Permanent Secretary, Hospital Management Board (HMB), Dr. Nofiu Aigoro has been recognized with International Award winner, by the West African Students’ Union Parliament (WASUP), named “Icon Of Nation Building and Societal Development In Nigeria”, as part of his efforts towards growth and development of Nigeria and Sub-Shara African.

The Leader of Delegation and Director of Mobilization, Comrade Olalekan AbdulRahmeen of Kwara State University, which handled over the award to the PS, said that the award was in recognition of his enviable and exemplary leadership style and service to humanity.

“In fact, the PS is enviable human being, generous, responsible and reliable, he really worked for the assiduously for this State and even across the Sub-Shara African, his exemplary leadership style, display of professionalism and excellence in the discharge of duties worthy emulation,” AbdulRahmeen said

Also, the Speaker of the Union, Rt. Hon. Saint Solomon of Institute of Professional Studies, Medina, Accra, Ghana, said that the PS was selected for the award because of his track record of exemplary performance towered above his peers.

He said that the Union was unanimous in selecting the PS for the award, especially because of his sterling performance in office and the entire masses, noting that they would always remember the PS for his tremendous contribution to human being.

In his reaction to the award, Dr. Aigoro expressed his gratitude to the organizers of the awards and the convener, stressing that the award further affirmed that he has positively touched many lives in one way or the others.

He added that the award would further spur him and his works to humanity and in enthusiasm to do more in ensuring that he remains above at all times in the provision of goods and services to the people.

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