By Bisade Ojoye

The new Onipara of Ipara, His Royal Highness, Oba Taiwo Taiwo has declared that his vision for Ipara has been to turn the town to little London and a port of call for.

The Royal father who recently ascended the throne of his Ancestral fathers said he would strive to make the town attractive to investors in all spheres of life which included, amongst others: Education, Manufacturing, industrial development, power, secuty etcetera.

“I consider my enthronement as a call to service to towards the development of Ipara, and I vow to do all in my powers to attain this set goal. I’m therefore using the platform to call on all sons and daughters of Ipara, both at home and in Diaspora, my friends in the Business world, well wishers from far and near to join hands with me in order to be able to see this dreams come to fruition”.

“I started life as a very focused person by going into business immediately after my secondary education. I moved to England, but the truth of the matter is that I have always loved to go into business. I have been into multiple businesses. At a time, with my Company Mutai Nigeria Limited, I went into transportation by providing trucks for Conoil. I’m also into Equipment Leasing and other allied investments. I’m a Contractor with Lagos State. I promise to bring the experiences garnered to bear in my administration of the town. I’m here to serve my people. That is sacrosanct and unambiguous.

“I’m in politics of developing Ipara. I have been one of the front runners in Ipara Community Development Association (ICDA). I believe in God and I know bringing me to the throne, He certainly has a purpose for my life”.

The Royal father said he had always envisioned the development of Ipara and that his enthronement has broadened this vision, adducing that to why, immediately he was enthroned, he evolved a developmental drive in the areas of Market, Security, Education, Power and infrastructural facilities.

The king who was born was born to Chief Samuel Bolanle and Mrs. Adedoja Taiwo said he never thought of becoming a king, but said a friend of his, Gani (Omobaba Kinimaje) who died recently, at the beginning of the contest, believed he would be crowned. “I was born a twin with my twin brother, Kehinde currently based in England.

Oba Taiwo used the platform to thank all who bought into his cardinal projects, particularly sons and daughters of Ipara in Diaspora who have been greatly supporting the course with absolute commitment and unalloyed dedication.

Oba Taiwo who opined that government alone could not do it alone charged all and sundry to understand that attaining an ideal community required the contributions of all, irrespective of your class, creed religion or political affiliation.

Speaking about the new Onipara, Omoba Abiola Ogundeko, who is also from the same Amoro Dynasty that produced him described him as a God chosen king for Ipara, because according to him, he has shown immeasurable zeal and commitment to the development of Ipara.

He also described him as a father, Mentor, community Builder of no mean repute and a motivator per excellence. “He is my uncle, I have been close to him for about 35 years, you can see for yourself the development initiatives he has engendered and mapped out barely 4 months as the king. Ipara is certainly lucky to have him”.

Oluwagbemiga Sopitan, popularly called Ako described Oba Taiwo Taiwo as a hardworking, amiable and accessible person. He said the love that all sons and daughters of Ipara have for him was the reason they were rallying around him.

He also charged sons and daughter Ipara to emulate them by coming together to form a group or club so that could also make their own contribution. ” We in Diaspora will be greatly encouraged when we see the home based people of Iparans making contributions”, he added

Aremo Akinlolu Awosanya described the Oba as an amiable father. “He has shown he has a blueprint for the development of Ipara based on the developmental steps he has taken so far”.

Awosanya who disclosed that he was gunning for an elective position said he was optimistic the enthronement of Oba Taiwo would bring about development and he would like join him in building a new Ipara of the dream. “He runs an open door policy and gives a listening ear to opinions and suggestions. I’m therefore using the opportunity to call on fellows son and daughters of the town to come home and make their own contributions.

Prince Sola Sowole, President of Ipara Community Development Association (ICDA) who enumerated some of the achievements the body had recorded believed the reign of Oba Taiwo Taiwo would be characterized by unprecedented development on the grounds that many development initiatives have been signed, sealed and ready to be delivered. He described Oba Taiwo as visionary as well as approachable.

He poured encomium on sons and daughters of Ipara, particularly those in Diaspora for the contributions and readiness to do more.

Dehinde Awodein called for unity and harmony as an enabler to developing the town. He described Oba Taiwo as a motivator and a huge factor over his laudable h initiatives.

Seyi Obadimu (Obasco) urged all sons and daughters of Ipara to come home and make their own contributions, because according to him that was the only they could attain the desired dreams and aspirations.

He believed the goal of developing Ipara would be achievable, realisable and rapid when every made his or her contribution. He prayed for the successful reign of the monarch who he said has shown towards all of them a fatherly love.

Olori Afolake Taiwo who expressed profundity of gratitude to the people for their love towards herself and her husband as well as contributions to his reign enjoined them to remained steadfast, promising that herself and her husband would work assiduously for the development of Ipara.

The occasion packaged to honoured Ipara indigenes in Diaspora had in attendance amongst others: General Olujimi Kehinde Fasasi (rtd) who is Akogun Ipara; Engr. Solomon Oluwole, Bobajiroro Ipara; Hon. Adebiyi Adeleye (Atoba), S. A. To Governor Abiodun and Apagun-Pote of Ipara;Labi Onajobi, Former Chairman of Ipara Community Development Association; Mrs. Bolu Olajubu, Mother-In-Israel.

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