The Deputy Governor of Ekiti State, Otunba Bisi Egbeyemi, has called on All Progressives Congress (APC) members to join hands with party leadership to conduct a peaceful and successful party registration and revalidation exercise in the state.

Egbeyemi who spoke on Wednesday shortly after revalidating his membership of the party in Ado Ekiti, expressed confidence that party will win future elections including next year’s governorship election on the strength of the performance of Governor Kayode Fayemi.

He described the performance of the APC government led by Fayemi in over two years in power as “unrivalled and unprecedented in the history of the state” in terms of human capital development, attraction of investment and execution of life-changing policies and projects.

A statement by the Special Assistant (Media) to the Deputy Governor, Odunayo Ogunmola, disclosed that Egbeyemi was registered at Akomolede Unit 14, Ward 8 at 10.32am by a party polling officer, Balogun Adeola with COVID-19 protocols observed at the registration centre.

The Deputy Governor who was handed his membership revalidation slip after signing and thumb-printing relevant columns in the documents which showed that seven party members had registered before his arrival.

Speaking shortly after his revalidation, Egbeyemi who was cheered by party loyalists on hand said the registration exercise would give party members access to certain rights, privileges and entitlements urging their cooperation to ensure its success.

Egbeyemi explained that the exercise was important to the party as it was aimed at retaining existing members and winning non-members into the fold to reposition and strengthen the party ahead of future elections and delivery on its manifesto.

He said: “I urge party members and others who are joining to maintain peace because we have started well. There should be no rancour because it is only God that gives one position.

“I appeal to party members to cooperate and there should be unity of purpose. There shouldn’t be any crisis at all because very soon, people will be agitating for offices but we should do it peacefully and put party interest first.”

The Deputy Governor urged the people of Ekiti State to continue to entrust APC with their votes saying the party through the holder of its mandate, Governor Fayemi, has fulfilled most of the electoral promises made in the run-up to the 2018 governorship poll.

Egbeyemi said: “There is no government in Ekiti State that has done what the current APC government is doing. We have had governments in the past, they have done their best but evidences on ground show that the performance of this government is unrivalled and unprecedented.

“Our campaign promises have been fulfilled, some totally and others and we are on the verge of fulfilling everything. There is nothing we promised that we have not done, we have not disappointed the people who voted us to power.

“The airport project is ongoing and before we leave, it will be operational by the grace of God. Look at the roads to the farmsteads and villages, we never thought we would do this much but God has helped us through the Governor’s influence.

“Look at the massive renovation of schools across the state and the construction of four big model colleges in Ado Ekiti named after four prominent Ekiti indigenes, Prof Akintoye, Prof Oke, Senator Fasanmi and Chief Fasuan.

“You can only get the types of such mega schools in Lagos, Ibadan and Osogbo. So, I want to advise the people of Ekiti State to keep faith with APC because this party has done well and spread development to all parts of the state.”

Egbeyemi called on other residents to utilise the window of registration to join the progressives to have opportunities to contribute their quota to the development of Ekiti.

The polling officer, Adeola, revealed that a total of 17 individuals registered at the unit the previous day (Tuesday) noting that the exercise has been orderly, peaceful and held in line with COVID-19 regulations.

Party officials, members and security operatives on ground wore face masks and observed social distancing at the centre.

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