By Olufemilade Oyinade

I am extremely pleased to be here to participate in the Registration and Revalidation exercise of our great party. But first permit me to welcome you all to Ikenne, my home town and more importantly the home town of Papa Obafemi Awolowo, the father and progenitor of the great movement that we call “the Progressives” today.

These were the words of the Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo at the registration and revalidation of membership of All Progressives Congress in Ikenne, Ogun State.

He stated it was on the broad shoulders of the social democratic philosophies of the maximum happiness and well being of all the people that his party stood firmly and confidently today.

Professor Osinbajo said that members of the party must situate registration and revalidation exercise in that ideological context.

He opined that Party Registration and Revalidation was important because it offered them an opportunity to have a credible roll of members, such that they would be able to reach our members from the polling booth level all the way to the wards, local government, and federal constituencies.

Osinbajo disclosed that the reason to reach the people was because the people were the party and the party was the people, adding that APC was a grassroots party, hence a party of the people with their focus on the welfare, prosperity and wellbeing of all our people.

The Vice President advised that party members must understand their importance in the scheme of things. “They must fully understand party’s philosophy and programs, they must be actively mobilized to participate in, propagate and support government programs”, he stressed.

Osinbajo continued, “But we are in government at one of the most challenging times in history. The pandemic has made matters worse, and we have also had security challenges that have stretched our law enforcement capacities all over the country.

Yet we remain the best party to solve these problems. Because of our grassroots orientation, we have and continue to put in place the best programmes for the welfare of our people. Our focus on jobs for our young people”.

He said aside from the various microcredit schemes, payroll support program, the government has evolved projects such as Npower, now the 774000 jobs programme, N75B Youth Fund, adding that they also have a mass housing scheme, mass agriculture, solar home systems for 5m homes.

Osinbajo said the security challenges in the country were not insurmountable. “What we we must ensure are :

  1. Prosecution of all those who have been arrested for kidnapping, banditry & all other forms of criminality. There must be evidence that justice is being done. This is achievable by stronger collaboration between the Police, States Ministries of Justice and the Federal Ministry of Justice.

  2. With the new Service Chiefs, we have a fresh set of eyes, intellect , and skills and a fresh look at strategies against the insurgency in the North East , as well as banditry and kidnapping elsewhere. In this new approach much greater emphasis is being placed on technology for surveillance, intelligence gathering and attack.

  3. Ultimately, we must put in place a State Police Structure. In the meantime we must speed up and strengthen the community policing structures, States must continually train, educate and formalize their local security structures so that they complement the Federal law enforcement agencies. Policing must be a collective effort.

  4. We must resist any attempts to destroy the unity of this country. Our people have lived and worked together for decades. While we must attend to the the cries of communities for justice, equity and fairness we can do so within this same union. Ultimately we are stronger together than apart.

  5. I am pleased to note that the exercise has been very smooth in Ogun State. The materials have been distributed and the processes are being followed closely.

  6. Finally let me urge all who want progress, prosperity abundance and justice to register as members of the APC today! God bless the APC. God bless Ogun State and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria”.

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