Alternate Medicine Board in Ogun State has inaugurated Elders Consultative Forum to streamline and regulate operations of the Board.

Inaugurating the Board, at OSAMCA hall, Abeokuta, the Chairman of the Board, Balogun Nurudeen Olaleye said the body would be working on enforcement and streamlining of quacks from the real practitioners .

Olaleye said numerous relevant institutions had been contacting the Board for partnership on Alternate Medicine practice on the need to discover new drugs for various illnesses.

He added that the practice has gone beyond secrecy, saying, many offers had been given to the board, including a laboratory to make use of for necessary research.

“The creation of Alternate Medicine Board in the State has brought lots of development, while many Health Institutions and Colleges of Education that are interested in Alternate studies for practitioners and any interested citizens, within and outside the State have shown interest. The process is ongoing, as soon as it is completed with the signing of Memorandum Of Understanding, then the operation will commence immediately” he said

Responding, one of the members of the Elders Forum, Yeye Oba Abatan Oreagba, who appreciated the State government, commended the good leadership of the Board Chairman, pledging their support to work as a team.

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