By Prince Abiodun Toluwase Tella

There is only one excuse given for the formation of Boko Haram: those behind it, covertly or overtly said that they did not like western education. Owing to this myopic and primitive reason, The Boko Haram, clandestinely backed up by some people in Northern Nigeria, and as alleged, by some officers in Nigeria Army, began to wreak havoc; kidnapping school girls, holding them hostage, coverting them to Islam by force and forcefully marrying and raping them.

There are certain pertinent questions we have to raise and they include:
What type of education do these roguish, terrorists want? Islamic education?
Saudi Arabia and Libya alike do send their citizens to the US or the UK to receive western education has helped their developments in many ways.

Why did the North accept western democracy, which has now formed the political foundation in Nigeria?
Why did the North allow their children to receive western military education, both at Sandhurst and Nigeria Defence Academy?
Why did the North not content itself with training their soldier-children in Uthman Dan Fodio’s Islamic and bow and arrow military strategies?

Why is it the right thing for the Boko Haram and Evil Jihadists from a religion of Peace; Islam, which my mother, a Tijaniyat, practised until her death, recently, kill people from a more peaceful religion of Christianity, and go scot free?
Why has the (un)Federal Government of a country/nation in name only allowed those groups of insane and barbaric murderers to kill, rape and encroach on people’s land without being punished or stopped?

In law, since it is not possible for anyone to encroach on my property or just saunter into my sitting room and take his seat comfortably, why is it right for any nomadic barbarians and herders to trespass on people’s farms in the South and destroy their properties and even kill them without being arrested and prosecuted?

What is so special in the descendants of a foreigners, power usurper and thief called Uthman Dan Fodio, who invaded northern Nigeria and made the original inhabitants, the Hausas, their slaves? Fulanis make huge money from the sales of their cows, how much taxes do they pay to the (un)Federal Government of Nigeria?

Why is it necessary or reasonable or right to propitiate the invaders, lawless, bloodthirsty Fulanis by paying them billions of Naira with a view dissuading them from kidnapping, taking ransoms, killing people and raping our women in the South?
Why couldn’t the (un)Federal Government pay half of the money, or even one quarter of that money to those youths who were involved in End-Sars protest and who were looking for succour to the hard-labour lives they live?

Why is it that the President of the un(Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, who practises a religion of peace, could not find peaceful and unbiased solutions to those multifaceted problems facing Nigeria, and individual citizens, and especially, the problems of Boko Haram and Herders?
Why is that herders are allowed to carry sophisticated riffles, including AK 47 while the police fold their arms and watch the Fulani invaders as they kill Southern farmers with impunity?
How many Fulani killers, rapists and kidnappers have Nigeria police arrested?
How many of the Fulani culprits handed to the Nigeria police in the South have been prosecuted with the aim of getting them convicted?
If Fulanis can live like Princes and Princesses in the South why can’t the Yorubas and Ibos live like Kings and Queens in the North?

If killing, kidnapping our people and raping our women in the South are right, as viewed by President Buhari and his disciples, including Seyi Makinde, the Governor of Oyo State, why is it wrong of the people, led by Sunday Igboho, to ask those Fulani BEASTS and the Sarkin who used to harbour the beasts, to leave the land where some innocent people have been senselessly killed by the Fulanis?
Why should we label Sunday Igboho anarchist when we see Boko Haram as Saints and Heroes, and Fulani murderers as law-abiding foreigner-citizens?

Now, let us compare why and how Boko Haram came into existence. I will recap a bit. The Boko Haram came into existence in time of peace and, because of one flimsy reason: “Western education is Haram”. Whereas, it is the Western Education that provided educational opportunities for the likes of Tafawa Balewa, Sadauna Sokoto, Sir Amodu Bello, and the current President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari.

The current OPC and the the modern day Agbekoyas, came into existence as a result of the havoc being committed by these barbaric and barbarian Fulanis. Nigeria governments (un)Federal, State or Local are aware of these incidences but none of the individual leaders and cowards in these governments deemed it necessary to address the issues or take any positive actions.

Therefore, I would like to ask, should the Yorubas and Ibos wait until they are all killed by these the gun-carrying Fulanis who value the lives of their beasts more than the lives of the average Ibo or Yoruba? Sunday Igboho hasn’t done anything wrong by defending his people.
Why is it now that the government is saying that Sunday Igboho should be arrested?

Lest I forget, Yorubas are pointing accusing fingers at certain Yoruba leaders as traitors, and saying that they are the ones selling us to the Hausas and Fulanis. Let me open your eyes, our first enemy is Aliko Dangote, the monopolist has conquered the South, especially, the Yorubaland. Any businessman of such magnitude anywhere in the world, would fight tooth and nail protect his business and his money. The interpretation is, as the Yorubas are preparing for self-determination, they should not be stupid to think that people like Aliko Dangote will be on their side. A word is enough for the wise. I can even tell you that some eminent Yorubas and Southerners are even spying for the Cabal.

And, I remembered and laughed about a matter that is beyond tears: the assassination of the Minister of Justice, Chief Bola Ige. Till today, nobody has been arrested. How about the killing of Engineer Funso Williams? Who did the police suspect or arrest?

That means, we can easily point accusing fingers to the Federal and the state governments in both cases, respectively.
We need rise and the likes of Sunday Igboho.
We cannot fold our arms and cowardly look on until all the Yorubas and killed.

The Federal Government is the instigator of undercover Fulani Jihadists and the Boko Haram. Or, how is it logical to say you are fighting terrorism and, at the same time, you are pardoning Boko Haram terrorists and enlisting them in the the army?
Why is it right for non-members of the armed forces to carry such weapons as AK47 to kill innocent Southerners, while the governments kept quiet and the police looked on as these evils were being perpetrated?

Obviously, it has been reconfirmed that the Federal government and the Buharists, are the instigators of the Fulanis against the Southerners, especially the Yorubas.

Prince Biodun Toluwalase Tella

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