Following the visits of Okada riders in their hundreds to the Governor’s office on Tuesday 20th October and Monday 26th October expressing displeasure at the activities of Union agents operating in parks and garages across the state, the Ministry of Transportation, in pursuant of the present administration’s agenda of “Building Our Future Together”, underscores the importance of peace and responsibility as key ingredients in development and upliftment of the State.

This was contained in a Press Release signed by
Engineer Gbenga Dairo
Ogun State Commissioner for Transportation and made available to us October 26, 2020

Motorcycles unions, riders and other stakeholders are therefore reminded to give consideration to the, roles and interests of all stakeholders in the sector in the conduct of their activities and desist from any action that can adversely affect the legitimate interest of stakeholders in the sector.

In the meantime, unions and associations involved in revenue collection are asked to maintain status quo and desist from issuance of ‘State’ and ‘Booking’ stickers until on-going discussions on sector reforms, involving all stakeholders, are completed.

Union leaders and their members are urged to conduct themselves with civility. Devoid of any act capable of putting the lives of passengers and the general public in danger.

Ogun State government assures the good people of the State of its unwavering commitment to the protection of lives and property within its parks and garages in particular and the entire State in general.

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