By Walter Adewale

Harmonized Vigilante Group, Armed Squad/Monitoring Team during their routine daily patrol arrested a gang trying to steal away a 2014 model Toyota Camry (BIG DADDY),gold colour.

The robbery took place at Simeon Adebo area, near Iwe Iroyin premises, Oke Ilewo, Abeokuta, on Saturday October 24 at about 10 A.M.

The Harmonised VGN narrated that the suspects approached the dealers that they wanted to buy the card and the unsuspecting dealers showed them the car, open all that they needed to see.

Later they told the dealers they wanted to test drive it. The dealers, we gathered obliged them and handed the key to them, instructing one of their men to join them, but said, before their man could enter into the car, the suspects sped off. But unfortunate for them, the dealers quickly locked their iron fence.

According to the State Patrol Commander, Commander Igborodowo Kazeem (Sugar) on sighting our team, comprising Tosin Oshipitan and Oluwaseun Runsewe, the suspects jumped out of the Camry car and tried to escape through the fence, but the gallant officers and men arrested them.

The State Coordinator of Harmonised Vigilante Group, Commander. Shola Shodiyan has directed that the suspects and car be handed over to the Police, Abeokuta.

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