By ‘Sola Shodiyan

A clarion call goes to the general house and body of Vigilante Group of Nigeria, from units, Local Government Areas, state commands up to National Headquarters for harmonization of the disintegrated home. As a concerned member, who had embarked on research expeditions by thorough observation of events unfolding in VGN over the years, necessitates urgent need to beckon on the leadership of the group to please bury their hatchets, put away differences, speak in one loud voice, stop the cold war by way of incessant litigation, hate speeches and ranting but pursue a common goal for manifestation of stronger and fortified Vigilante group, by way of bringing all members under one umbrella.

Reasons for Harmonization
The ongoing leadership tussle and implication of the long litigation was borne out of an Intra conflicting structures by which Vigilante group of Nigeria was placed. From the onset, Alhaji Ali Sokoto was the Commander General while Dr. Mohammed Usman Jahun was the Secretary, acting in the capacity of DCG Admni, operating from Kaduna headquarters.

However, this went Topsy turvy, consequently, Dr. Jahun pulled out as a result of conflict of ideas, because, according to him, things were not done as expected, in line with ideal best practices and global standard. He opened an Abuja Head office.

It is high time we allowed the sleeping dogs lie and start to work together by embracing the common interest of the group which is primarily to protect the property and lives of the people. It is no gainsaying that if we could all bury our individual egos, shun selfishness, personal motives and struggle that has bedeviled the larger house, the group will certainly come out smoky. It must be said, the seemingly unending rancor between the two offices has cast a thick darkness on the unity, hampering mutual relationship among members, dented images and reputation of VGN as well as caused loss of dignity and recognition by the government.

Unfortunately, this ugly trend is a reflection of lack of understanding for which, the progress of the organization suffers a great deal of derailment, irreparable loss in terms of achievement. It is regrettable that VGN which was designed to promote peace, now becoming threat to the community we serve because of disunity among officers and men as well as camps.

It is equally worrisome, despite the height of the laudable success recorded in tackling crimes and insecurity in Nigeria. I mean the proactiveness, bold, competence and bravery of our gallant officers and men who put their lives on the line and fought banditry, arm robbery and insurgency to a standstill, even in the face of sophisticated weapons bearer, the federal government find it difficult to accord VGN her due recognition because of the feud between the groups.

It will be recalled that the Nigeria government were so concerned that leaders of the two factions were advised to embark on harmonization exercise that would facilitate signing of our bill towards official recognition of Vigilante Group in Nigeria. If this had been done, perhaps the group would have been able to enjoyed government support in the service to the nation,
citing the recent release by President Muhamnadu Buhari a whopping sum of #13bn to the Police, meant to kick start community Policing, a project was initiated by Vigilante Group of Nigeria for this same agenda, for which nearly all our members, across the nation were trained by the Nigeria Police for a training fee of #10,000 each. The Police have now taken advantage of the current division in the group.

It is believed by the harmonization arrangements whose time is now, all members shall henceforth relate with one and other in the spirit of brotherhood, rather than playing cat and mouse game.

A postulate says a divided house cannot stand external aggression. The import of this is there is hardly any successful organization in the world that runs under two heads. Definitely, there would contradictions, confusion and trade of words which could shatter the common goals, and defeat the original purpose for which such organization might have been established.

Although, by the ongoing arrangements from the national headquarters, all undesirable elements or persons or group of persons parading themselves in a way capable of causing disunity or fueling discord within Vigilante, regardless of how highly placed, shall be purged.

Benefits of Harmonization
The developmental efforts for VGN to metamorphose into one indivisible harmonized and united Vigilante Group of Nigeria is laudable as the outfit stands a better chance of enjoying a pool of benefits which cut across; Unity, Peace and Progress.

[A] Restoration of Unity Members shall relate as one entity, lifting the unquenchable fire of esprit de corps anytime, anywhere.

[B] Peaceful coexistence
Members can then support one and other, rather than seeing one another as enemy.

[C] All round Progress
There will be progress only when there is sincere agreement to work as one.

Other advantages also include
restoration of dignity. No doubt that, while the power struggle last, a lot of emulsion and physical depression had been endured where our officers earn no respect of the public, in spite of their commendable efforts.
Executive backup for the much awaited assent to the passed bill by Mr President to becoming a law, in concordance with the approval of the lower and upper legislative chambers.
Financial support for The organization is too big to be financed or sponsored by individual contribution and resources, rather government obligation to providing fund for the security of lives and properties in a modern society is a necessity within the confines law of federal republic of Nigeria.

Government Recognition
Vigilante group passed bill, when signed into law, will be given an utmost support and recognition as a statutory security apparatus of the exclusive list. Insecurity under harmonized leadership, rate of crimes will be drastically reduced.

It is no doubt that, with harmonisation, banditry shall be technically tackled, insurgent shall flee and be in disarray.
For these reasons, we implore the general public, royal fathers, board of trustees, patrons, all principal officers and rank and files of VGN and gentlemen of the press to henceforth give their maximum support to the group, also clamor for government speedy assent to VGN bill, towards launching aggressive attack against all forms of criminality in our society.

The beauty of the planned harmonization of VGN factions cannot be overemphasized. In the meantime, there would be the need to set up a committee on finding lasting and effective solution to discord that has been preventing harmonization process between the two leaders, Dr. Mohammed Jahun and Navy Captain Bakori Umoru [Rtd] which optimistically will melt the body into a unified body with high expectation of breakthrough in view.

From a veritable source, both parties had exhibited level of gentleman character, magnanimity and tranquility among other costly sacrifices made in the bid to reuniting, elevating and redeeming the image of VGN which has attracted encomium of all members from all the four cardinal points.

Written by,
‘Sola Shodiyan

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