In a bid to harmonize all its Cultural Heritage back to a leading Centre of Attraction, Awori Tourism has declared its readiness to promote it’s Rich Cultural Heritage through their Cultural day Celebrations

This was made known during a courtesy visit to the Awori Welfare Association of Nigeria (AWAN) President by representatives of the Awori Tourism Led by Prince Femi Fadina.

Speaking during the Visit, Awori Welfare Association of Nigeria (AWAN) President, Chief Ajigbola Olagbaye said their are over 200 settlement of the Awori’s both in Lagos and Ogun, which is an indication that the Aworis are blessed with Rich Cultural Heritage.

He said their was an Acronym given to the Aworis by Lagos State called IBILE which means Ikeja, Badagry, Ikorodu,Lagos and Epe. All these were the first indigenous settlement of the Awori.

” The Aworis have different Cultural Days Celebrations like Awori Day, Igbesa Day, Iganmode Day and Alamuwa Day, This Cultural day should be brought back for celebration in other to promote all it’s Rich Cultural Heritage and not to raise funds” Olagbaye Said.

Prince Femi Fadina who led the Representative of Awori Tourism Appreciates the AWAN President and Prayed that his Tenure would continue to Unite the people of Awori as one big Family.

He added that Awori Tourism was seeking collaboration with AWAN at promoting our strong Cultural Heritage Locally and Globally.

*Awori Tourism* is an Organization structured to promote Tourism and out to set a pace for others to follow by Sensitizing all the indigent both in Lagos and Ogun State to Showcase its culture and tourist site for Attractions and thereby generating wealth.

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