From left: CG Umar, Chief Obasanjo and Late CG, Ali Sokoto
From left: Late CG, Ali Sokoto, Emir of Katsina and CG A. B. Umar

The new Commander General of Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN), Navy Captain Bakor Umar (rtd) has declared that the group was set to strengthen the security of the Nigerian Nation.

Disclosing this to our Editor in a telephone interview he said the group has started preparing its officers and men in all the 36 states of the federation and the Federal Capital territory, Abuja for the new assignment as the need to strengthen the security of the nation has not only become important but also exigent.

Umar stated that group would be working with other security agencies in the country, particularly Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in this task of protecting the country and securing the lives and properties of the people.

According to the new Commander General, ” Vigilante Group of Nigeria was primarily established to support other established security agencies in the country in order to secure the lives and properties of the people, and in this direction, we intend to continue our services. Our officers and men have always been working with them, but now we are approaching this responsibility with a renewed vigour, determination, dedication and spirit.

Umar said securing the country was a task to be done, hence himself and his officers and men were prepared to give their all. He added he would bring his experience as a former Naval Captain in the Nigeria Armed Forces to bear, adding that thousands of his officers and men have also been professionally trained and retrained for the task ahead.

The Commander General said Vigilante Group of Nigeria remained as one throughout the federation, and that they have been working assiduously and conscientiously to have one centrally controlled identification card for officers and men throughout the country with some security features that instantaneously authenticate any genuine members of the group.

Umar also disclosed that, in keeping with their avowal to protect the lives and properties of the people of Nigeria, they were prepared to train many more officers and men. “For us in VGN quality training is now a must and continuous exercise. As an individual, I wish to lead an informed and well grounded and equipped security outfit that can key into the security apparatus of the country”,, he stressed.

The Commander General used the opportunity to call on all Officers and men of Vigilante Group of Nigeria to brace up for the new development and challenge of strengthening the security architecture of the Nigerian Nation. “We need absolute commitment, immeasurable diligence to accomplish the task. You should conduct yourself wherever you are in the most professional manner”, he chipped.

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