Going by the commendable reformation so far made by harmonizing the fragmental bodies of Vigilante group of Nigeria, a project conceived by the concerned members of the group in Ogun command shall stop at nothing to ensure that normalcy is restored to this organization nationwide, as well as replicating this same formidable agenda, particularly in all the South Western states come what may.

Vigilante Group of Nigeria [VGN] is a nationwide local security outfit, registered by Corporate Affairs Commission [CAC] with number RC:11834 and dated 4th of March 2003 to provide security of human lives and properties, as a large body that has tremendously recorded a great laudable success in the fight against crimes such as banditry, terrorism, armed robbery, kidnapping and particularly the insurgency that is rocking North- East of this country, although there had been spate of aggrieved members pitching against one and other; the house divided and lots of misunderstanding, agitation and hate speeches, borne out of long leadership tussle also had been seen traded on a broad day light, all on power struggle to control and dominate.

It should be noted, while the legal battle lasted, the ever gallant officers and men suffers psychological degradation, hatred, disorderliness, depression as all hope was seemingly wavering and questions agitating their mind whether their envisioned expectation would ever see the light of the day, as a result of bitterness emanating from the top and boiling downwards, even the negative effect of this ugly trend was felt at the unit level.

Officers and men of VGN nationwide had gone through one security training or the other, bothering on intelligence gathering, arms and ammunition handling, tracking, surveillance. They had also attended a number of seminal far and near under the supervision of Nigeria Police, Department of state security service, Nigeria security and civil defence corps, National Agency For Food, Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) among many others, all aimed at ridding the Nigerian Nation of every likelihood of criminal acts under any guise.

By the clear evidence of rewardable heroic performance, Vigilante group of Nigeria had been accorded a full legislative backing of the Red and Green chambers and currently awaiting Mr President to assent on the passed bill and give final approval to become a statutory law of the federal republic of Nigeria. I joined Vigilante in 2014, acquired training in citizenship and leadership, awarded a globally recognized certificate of Euro Security Products [ESP] as a specialist on counter terrorism and a law enforcement personnel with the backing of international Police service” INTERPOL” in 2016.

Quite a number of graduate officers I enlisted into the group are, by and large, working with the concerned members and elders who are assiduously and diligently working to surmount the leadership challenge by way of reconciling all aggrieved members of Usman Jahun and Ali Sokoto’s factions.

In this regard, big kudo’s goes to Cdr. Shola Shodiyan, an Ikenne born complete gentle man with unprecedented display of wisdom and good charisma who has been championing and pioneering harmonisation of the group, a huge and difficult national task. This icon of peace, by all standards was personally invited to Kaduna by late former Commander General, Alhaji Ali Sokoto; Shodiyan went with full entourage, as consented by Usman Jahun to engage him on some salient matters which included: importance of unity, implication of restiveness. Another part of the agenda this man of courage discussed was the loss of dignity and the time wasted over the years at the detriment of their teeming followers.

The ongoing harmonization nationwide is a reflection of these steps taken which are now yielding positive result in all ramification by his continuous and laudable efforts around Ogun state government to accord VGN recognition.

Now that we have only one harmonized Vigilante group of Nigeria, a combination of the existing factions, coming together to advancing progress in the AMOTEKUN security outfit project in Ogun state, to be driven by the predominant combined forces and valiant combatant and proactive officers and men of VGN, So Safe Corps, and the Hunters association in the war against all sorts of invasion, social vices, and other criminality

It is unpalatable, that despite, coming this far in the history of security landmark, yet some fractious dictators who are bent at misleading their docile and naïve followers by deploying every crooked means to destabilise the moving train of the security architecture being put in place. This disgruntled, self-centre and earthly born individual has been causing distraction at all cost to gain cheap points. Anyway, the exposure of their evil plans is divine, because there is always an end to every beginning.

The vicious circle of extortion, wickedness, cruelty, greed, depravity, arrogance and the height of brutality meted to notable and reputable members who had enormously contributed to the general growth of VGN by Olarewaju Nureni Adedoyin has finally come to an end.

Adedoyin Olanrewaju Nureni, should be put under check, striped of his toga and the mentality of being superior to others. This “diabolical by nature” man, with his clandestine mindsets is one single person whom an average officer had suffered one blow or the other while with him.

This mischievous Adedoyin had times without number displayed height of habitual arrogance within the national executive council of Vigilante Group of Nigeria, he believes for the fact, that he runs Extreme security, purportedly owed by Commander General Usman Jahun none of the national officers has the guts or right to question him for any reason whatsoever.

The ever trechearous Adedoyin never sees anything bad in cutting the fingers that feed him; the likes of Alhaji Aiyetoto Adeyemi, a foremost leader and vanguard who shouldered nearly all the finances for VGN to be rooted in the south western states, played significant role to influence the spread and growth of vigilante.

Records also have it that he endorsed Adedoyin and handed him an offer letter to become Ogun state commander.
Another frontrunner in VGN, Alhaji Shogbade, whose impact in the growth of the group cannot be underestimated also received humiliating and denigrating treatment from Adedoyin. He almost frustrated him out of the command.

The agony and pangs of Adedoyin despotic leadership cannot be easily eroded. He persecuted and maligned me. I participated in one of the seminars convened for representatives of all the 36 states of the federation on counter terrorism which he was well informed of, on my return, he openly seized my membership identity card with numbers 20162; orchestrated my ejection from my office by conspiracy, attempted seizure of my certificate and barge decorated me with by [ESP] Czech Republic, but for the quick intervention of then deputy of VGN, late Sonoiki of this blessed memory.

Adedoyin, out of jealousy dehumanized me by ordering dozens of his boys to descend on me in the broad street of Adigbe, ruthlessly bruised my face, stripped me of my tore uniform and soaked me in my own blood. He still did not get satisfied by all of this attempted murder on me, he handcuffs me, drove me to Adigbe Police and detained me for several hours until I was granted bail on personal recognition. Till date, the power drunk man, withheld my certificate of participation, a program organized by our national office which I paid a sum of #10000.

His many atrocities were the reasons Ogun state government, through Ministry of Local Government and chieftaincy affairs, in a press release dated 8th November 2016 removed him as deputy commander of Vigilante service of Ogun state. The letter also warned members of the public to desist from having any official transactions with him, for alleged act of indiscipline, disloyalty, disrespect to constituted authority and gross misconducts.

Commander Soji Ganzallo’s experience with Adedoyin will shock you, should he have to tell his tale of this devil incarnate. His flagrant scandalous attitudes and insubordination of the highest order and betrayer exhibited.

Attached is the copy of his dismissal letter to buttress my points.
My submission and his barbarous brutality would be enough to suggest that Adedoyin Nureni should not be allowed to stage a comeback into harmonized VGN, because of his glaring and incurable addicted way of life to evil disposition and objectionable character he had showcased in time past. It is inevitable and obvious that this man would definitely become a cog in the wheel of progress. If his coming back plans is taken with levity, he takes advantage of every available loopholes to launch attack on his targeted prey if not closely monitored and put under strict watch within the sub consciousness. Each time his matter come in the limelight, I took quantum of general opinion from, lamentation, gnashing and unremarkable comments of an average officer and men of Vigilante in this state and the national headquarters, Abuja.

Adedoyin took responsibility for the unlawful and unwarranted expulsion of Adedayo Akeem Amoo, Amoo Olalekan, also attempted same on his benefactor Alhaji Ayetoto Adeyemi amongst many others.

Advancing his inborn callousness, Adedoyin in a query letter written and dated 18th July 2018 asked Cdr. Shodiyan to within one week respond on why a disciplinary actions should not be meted to him on allegation which evidently turned out to be framed up, cooked, manufactured towards dragging reputation of his good work. May I, at this juncture, thank you all for your audience and precious time taking in reading this write up, aimed at reminding the general populace of the brutality, extreme severity we were subjected to under the era of an absolute and oppressive dictatorship.

This write up is put together by *Osifeso Abiodun Chris* a member of harmonized Vigilante group of Ogun state command.

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