n reaction to the allegations leveled against him, Shola Shodiyan has described Nureni Adedoyin, Olusola Olawale and their cohorts as drowning people who were just struggling for what to clutch onto.

He said they were maligning him because of their selfish, myopic vision, failures and inability to come to terms with the realities and exigent needs of modern day security mechanism.

He said, “I was shocked to read all they said and the insult hauled at me in their story. I was really not perturbed by it at all, because I have been warned against doing things with them. I only believe, if truly they are genuinely concerned with the security of the lives and properties of the people, there was the need to synergize operations, share ideas and unite operations.

He stressed, “What baffled me more was the fact that they claimed they were not aware of harmonization of security efforts which involve Vigilante, So-Safe Corps as well as other security providers when at the beginning of the formation, they were part of it, and Adedoyin agreed to the Deputy Commander (Administration)

To shock anyone who read all the lies they cooked up in their story, after I had made moves for a harmonised security outfit, I discussed it with the state, carried along leaders of So-Safe Corps, Commander Soji Ganzallo, leaders of Vigilante Group; Commander Gbenga Adesanya lead the Ali Sokoto divide and of Commander Nureni Adedoyin lead the Muhammed Jahun’s divide

Later myself, Ganzallo, Adesanya and Adedoyin met AIG Olusola Kareem Subair, the Security Adviser to Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun. After a brief discussion we were advised to organize ourselves by picking a leader for the harmonized team. I told them right there that I would remain as Coordinator while Adedoyin, Ganzello and Adesanya should choose a leader. among themselves.

He disclosed that immediately they stepped into a private room Adedoyin chose Ganzallo as the Commander and agreed to be his Deputy (Administration), while Adesanya was chosen as Deputy Commander (Operation). We all applauded and accepted his choice, and promptly informed AIG. Olusola Kareem Subair (Rtd.) who ratified the positions.

Shodiyan stated that after that they all moved to Iwe Irohin at Oke Ilewo to celebrate the harmonious relationship and the spirit of oneness that characterized the birth of the harmonized Security outfit, buttressing his statement with pictures.

He said was also taken aback by the comments of Olawale who in the story was quoted as if he didn’t know me when in actual sense he gives him Two Hundred Thousand Naira (#200,000) for the services of Officers and men of the Vigilante Group who work with him (Shodiyan), adding that Olawale was until the publication very close and that they have been working closely and harmoniously too.

The Coordinator of the harmonized Security Network said they might have cooked up the story to deceive the people because they are not in control and they couldn’t perpetrate their selfish practice of feeding fact at the expense of the unsuspecting officers and men.

He stated that their campaign of calumny wouldn’t deter or derail the harmonized security network which, according to him was waxing stronger by the day, stating that a few days before their story, the harmonized team met and they had fruitful discussion that would definitely improve the security of lives and properties of the people and not the self aggrandising methods of Adedoyin and his cohorts which are jeopardising robust security initiatives.

He asked the people to dismiss their claims because it seemed they didn’t have anything useful to offer the people in terms of security, but only struggling for undue recognition and honour. “The have chosen to behave like base born and I’m really not ready to trade words with them. This reaction was only necessitated by the need to halt their nefarious activities”, Shodiyan quipped.

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