Immediate past Chairman of People’s Democratic Party (PDP), in Ogun State, Engineer Dayo Bayo has described Senator Buruji Kashamu’s assassination allegation attempt against him as outright falsehood and a reckless statement.

Engr Bayo Dayo declared as baseless and fabricated lies the assassination allegation and report making the rounds where Sen Buruji Kashamu alleged him of assassination attempt against him, saying that he has never and would never have any cause to be after his life.

The former Chairman of the party who fell out out with Buruji recently over the senator refusal to agree to his attempt to bring about reconciliation between the factions of the party in the state, described Kashamu’s allegation as gibberish of a fool. He said Kashamu was just telling the world what he was planning to do against him indirectly

Sen Buruji according to the report was quoted to have petitioned Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Kenneth Ebrimson to investigate Engr Bayo Dayo, accusing him to be a notorious killer well known in Ijebu Igbo, Ijebu North local government area of the state who had also of late, been trailing him with assassins with a threat to get him killed in Lagos or whenever he set his feet on his home town, Ijebu-Igbo.

Reacting to this report on Sunday, Engr Bayo Dayo said that the allegation of the former Senator representing Ogun East was nothing but concocted lies and fruitless exercise to give his hard earned reputation a bad name.

The former PDP Chairman said, “I think the whole report should be considered as gibberish of a fool. I am quite sure Kashamu is just telling the world what he is planning to do for me indirectly. How will someone like me do such with Buruji Kashamu who has battalions of security men guiding him everywhere? I don’t know anything about what he is talking about.

“I am complete old man. Do you see me as a violent man. I have not left my house in the last 4 weeks. What do I gain if he dies? I have left office and enjoying my retirement. I therefore urge members of the public to ignore his reckless statement”.

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