Nigeria Union of Mines Workers, Ijebu Ode branch has threatened a faceoff with some quarry operators and owner over the increase in the supply of the product to then.

According to the Chairman of the union, Alhaji Mufutaudeen Adeniyi, they were shocked to see the quarry operators raised the rate because according to them there was no justification of any sought for it.

He said when their official met them over the hike in price the operators ascribed it to rise in the value of Dollars against the Nigeria Naira as well as the cost of blasting and processing granite in the heat of the Corona Virus pandemic.

Alhaji Adeniyi said all that was not enough to justify the increase because if they were throwing that up, they should remember the price of diesel has gone down, advising that what they loss to Currency exchange, blasting cost and Corona Virus pandemic, they make up for it in other areas.

The Chairman said his Union has taken the issue to the Labour Union being the father union in order to resolve the matter. He condemned vehemently the actions of the quarry operators involved because they are not the only quarry operators in the country and couldn’t fathom why their own prices should be different.

Adeniyi said the quarry operators are Chinese owned and are Suntai Quarry, Ijebu Ode and Home Asset, Ijebu Ode who he said were selling for #2,600 but suddenly increased it to #2,900 and only recently pushed it up to #3,200.

Alhaji Adeniyi said the prices of these two quarries were the most expensive in the state, disclosing that in Ibadan the same quantity of granite was selling at #2,400 in Ibadan and #2,600 in Abeokuta.

He said at today’s meeting they remained adamant but they would continue to press for the reversal of the price to the old one.

The Chairman stated that the State Lab our leaders have been on top of the issue and they believed there would be a resolution. He said the state labour leaders have told the quarry operators to reduced it to #2,900 which was the price they have been buying it for one year and that further decrease in price would be discussed after the COVID-19 lockdown.

In a chat with the Ogun state Chairman Nigerian Union of Mines, Comrade Fasiu Alao Abiola has asked the parties to be considerate to each other. He promised they would work with both parties to resolve.

He said the price the quarries are selling now is not acceptable.

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