Nollywood Actress, Eniola Badmus has on April 30 reacted to the giveaway criticism that has drawn huge criticism and condemnation which seem to be dragging her name into the mud.

In her reaction to the issue on her twitter handle, “eniola badmus owned up to charging, Pius Omoyele, the concerned Nigerian who wanted to palliate the plight of his fellow Nigerians with #500,000 the sum of #150,000 because according to her such service would involve bank charges as well take her time.

Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus has released a statement to correct the negative notion making the rounds about a N150K extra charge to a generous giver.

The Generous Nigerian, we heard had contacted Eniola to do a giveaway of N500,000 to her fans on her platform through his social media handle @piusomoyele. After agreeing to do the giveaway Pius Omoyele transferred the money into Eniola Badus account with … only for her to demand for a charge of #150,000 before should would carry out the giveaway.

This, according to their tweets angered Omoyele who said he was not going to pay any fee because according to him, it was to support fellow Nigerians on Corona Virus pandemic lockdown, more so when the intended beneficiaries were Eniola’s fans and admirers.

He then demanded to have his #500,000 returned to him. Eniola neither return the money nor carry out the giveaway, but decided to block the “Good Samaritan”.

Her fans and many Nigerians who read or heard the news had, however, tagged her actions as fraudulent because she charged the client that amount of money for a gesture meant to help fellow Nigerians.

Reacting to that, she wrote the actress wrote in part: “I woke up to this and I thought it will be nice to give clarity and clear the air on it.”

From her tweet, it was not yet clear if she would give back the #500,000 to Pius Omoyele or do the giveaway to her fans hence, in their own verdict the people are saying if she would not do the giveaway, she should return the money to the giver.

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