Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun at the weekend called on residents and citizens of the State to put their hope on God in the face of the coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world.

The governor also called on them to play their roles as true citizens through love and sacrifice for the general good of the society.

He said the lockdown ordered by government to flatten the curve of the coronavirus is one sacrifice we all must make at this period to defeat the deadliest pandemic.

In his Easter Message to the people, Governor Abidoun said it is only through love and sacrifice toward the good of society that the people could uphold the legacy of Jesus Christ which is encapsulated in His selfless love and sacrifice on behalf of humanity.

Governor Abiodun said: “The greatest legacy that Jesus Christ left for us is the legacy of love and sacrifice. I believe the best way we can carry on that legacy is to fulfill our obligations to our society.”

The Governor urged all Nigerians to reflect on the measures put in place by government, both at federal and state levels to contain the spread of the pandemic by avoiding high-density gatherings and by maintaining social distance as presribed by medical professionals.

What’s more, Easter, the Governor further noted, “is a period when we engage in sober recollection of the ultimate and selfless sacrifice of love that Jesus Christ made on our behalf,” adding that society requires more expression of love to improve the quality of life of the people.

He stressed that the period calls for deep reflection on what the people’s roles and obligations should be to make the world a better place for posterity, Governor Abiodun declared, “We require abundance of love and sacrifice to maintain the harmonious and peaceful co-existence amongst the various peoples in our State for which we have come to be known.”

He called on all stakeholders to cooperate with health givers and the laity to seek spiritual intervention as the blood shed on the cross of calvary is enough atonement for mankind’s illnesses.

The Governor thanks the people for their show of solidarity at this critical period and for their individual sacrifices to see an end to the global pandemic

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