Nigerians have been urged to emulate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ during his persecution and crucification. The President General of Igbimo Yoruba Apapo, Aare Oludotun Hassan stated this in his Easter message to the world.

Aare Hassan, on behalf of the entire members, both at home and in Diaspora profoundly felicitated with Christians the world on the occasion of Easter and charged them to remember the reason for the season.

He charged them that as they regale in it, they should embrace the essence which he classified as: unequalled love, immeasurable sacrifice, bones straightening endurance and tolerance the people should emulate and exhibit among one another.

We are aware of the high level of killings, corruption and disunity in the country, hence it is incumbent upon all of us to shun destructive tendencies and traits capable of running the Nigerian Nation aground

In view of the global covid 19 pandemic, Aare Oladotun Hassan implored all citizens to adhere strictly to all governments’ directives by maintaining regular hand washing, social distancing, total health hygiene and environmental sanitation .

The release signed by Adedoyin o Akadiri, the Chief Press Secretary to Aare Oladotun Hassan reads, “We join all in this spirit of celebration of Easter and will like to remind ourselves of the essence and lessons of the season; to embrace the moral lesson which could ultimately not only make us better persons but also bring about a great turnaround for individual and collective.

The lessons of this season, included among others: life of sacrifice, humility, love, and truth; Christ’s love is amazing and unconditional. His humility is beyond description. “He lived a life of service/sacrifice. He represented the truth and in Him, indeed is the way and life.

Aare Hassan the enjoined people to always place these significant lessons in their hearts and live a life that would be a true replica of the virtues of a well cultured person (A TYPICAL OMOLUABI VIRTUE), saying this, would make people most fulfilled, and inevitably help push the human race forward.

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