Yoruba Youth Council Worldwide has called for a thorough and forensic investigations into the twin explosions that occurred in Abule Ado in Lagos State a few days ago and the one that erupted in Ondo state few hours ago.

The President of the Youth group, Aare Aare Oladotun Hassan described the twin blasts as the handiwork and evil machinations of some criminally minded elements whose primary target are the Yoruba race.

According to him, “The apex Youth umbrella body in Yoruba Land, Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide is aghast to wake up to another destructive attack on 28th March, 2020 in Akure, Ondo State after the recent 15th March, 2020 at Abule-Ado, following the Festac and Agboju serial explosions in Lagos State”.

The said the development, precipitating an urgent call for a massive attention and detailed forensic investigation into the remote cause and effect of the blasts, presumably premeditated planted atomic bomb detonation.

Hassan said they were appalled by the chilling news of the reoccurrence of another gas pipeline explosion in Akure, leaving over 100 houses shattered with many persons dead and injured.

The youth leader stressed, “we are justified with our call that the Abule Ado explosion required a detailed security investigation by the Office of the National Security Adviser as there was possibility of a terrorists attack.

“Sadly, up till date, no concrete security intelligence report has been produced. It is so worrisome that less than two weeks after the Abule-Ado explosion, there had been two similar explosions at Satellite Town and Agboju”.

He lamented the Akure incident with higher casualties, and of bigger magnitude, blaming what he described as unwarranted reoccurrence on the failure of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government of Nigeria.

They reiterated their call for detailed security intelligence investigation in order to unravel the real basis of the crisis and nip it in the bud if they had to forestall another avoidable tragedy.

“Based on this premise, we call for an holistic approach by all critical stakeholders, particularly the Southwest Governors Forum and Royal Fathers to unravel the remote and immediate causes, and collectively fight another impending disaster and terrorism attacks in Yoruba Land.

“We reiterate our fears, considering the serial number of reported explosions, aftermath of the launch of Operation Amotekun, and threats from the various Northern interests who had vowed to wreak havoc on the Yoruba race if we went ahead with the Amotekun Security Network”.

They demanded accelerated investigation by the Office of the National Security Adviser, while charging Amotekun Coordinators to swing into action for rescue operation, while thorough investigations continued into the Lagos and Ondo states explosions, both of similar magnitude of wreckage and unquantifiable destruction of lives and properties.

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