Octogenarian, Sultan M. A. Ola Yusuf has stated that sports was the most popular form of body exercise, confirmed by science as an effective way of ridding the body of metabolic deposits that were capable of harming the body.

Ola Yusuf made this declaration at the Biennial Inter House Sports Competition of Peace Foundation International Group of School held yesterday at M. K. O. Abiola Stadium, Kuto, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Yusuf who is the Chairman and Proprietor of the school stated that house groupings were encouraged to create healthy rivalry, unity and team spirit as it made people forget their individual differences.

The competition which started in the early hours of the day ran into the evening with a lot of activities such as parents races for fathers and mothers; old students (male and female) as well as teachers (male and female).

At the end of the activities Salami House (Blue) placed first scoring a total point of 889. Basheer House (Green) placing Second with 714 points and Muyad House (Yellow) coming Third with 689 points.

Jogunomi House (Red) placed Fourth with 680 points, but carted home a consolatory trophy, having emerged the best house in the March Past of the competition.

Some representatives of the Four houses put up brilliant performances that marked them for stardom in the future.

Speaking to the media at the end of the competition, Mrs Aminu, a Matron of the victorious Blue expressed gratitude to God for the fighting spirit of all competitors who represented the Blue house.

She said even though the aim was not to win but to bring out the sporting talents of the young boys and girls, expressed excitement over their performances and promised to encourage them to do more to completely unleash their sporting gifts.

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