Traditional chiefs in Otta- Awori, Ogun State on Wednesday kicked against the alleged attempts of some powerful people to illegally install some Obas in their land.

Leading the council that addressed the Press at Iwe Irohin, Abeokuta, the capital Ogun state, High Chief Lanre Bashorun who is the Seriki of Otta-Awori Land described the alleged plan an act against the culture of the land.

He said the Olota of Ota remained the only prescribed traditional authority who has the sole right to install traditional leaders in Awori land.

Seriki stressed, “it is enshrined in the tradition of the ancient land that the Olota of Ota is the only prescribed traditional authority who has the sole right to install traditional leaders in Awori Land”.

The traditional chiefs therefore called on the state Governor to urgently warn or dissuade the masterminds of the illegal installation in order to prevent breakdown of laws and order in the state.

The Otta- Awori Council described such attempt of imposition as calculated plans to deface the tradition of the people, more so when the people being imposed on their lands as chiefs and Obas were not biological sons of the land as their ancestry could not be traced to Awori land.

They disclosed they were surprised to hear from some impeccable sources that certain elements were bent on installing and imposing some people without traceable histories to Otta-Awori ancestors as Obas and Baales in some Awori towns. “Ordinarily, we would had ignored this as as a rumour until they established its veracity”, they explained.

“We stated categorically that any efforts or attempts to install any chiefs or Oba without the consent of Olota of Ota is an exercise in futility and would be resisted with every legitimate means available to us”.

According to the Chiefs affected by this alleged imposition in Otta-Awori towns were Sango-Ota, Atan-Ota, Ijoko-Ota, Abule Lemomu, Oke Ore, Adekoyeni among others.

They claimed their people are peace-loving, this act of illegal installation amounted to stretching their patience to the limit.

“We say no to this illegal act. Yoruba are known to be cultured people. Nobody without the royal blood and not nominated by a ruling house can ascend the traditional stood in our culture.

“Otta-Awori has an over 500 years old established historical fact that the Olota is the prescribed traditional authority over all the land, towns, villages with the suffix Otta, including Sango-Otta, Atan-Otta and all others. It, therefore amounts to a denigration of that sacred institution without recourse to the traditional ruler.

They said the first Olota was installed in 1621 and lamented that the already marginalized Awori people’s will was being tested this way. “We cannot fold our hands to any further subjugation”, the Chiefs stressed.

“As peace-loving people, we call on all men and women of goodwill, traditional and religious leader, statesmen and women, community leaders, security agencies and political leaders to stop whoever is poised to foment trouble in the name of installing non-Awori’s as Obas in Aworiland.

The Chiefs said, “we belief that the State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun is a man of peace and may not be aware of this sad development. We hereby call on him to nip in the bud the activities of these merchants of discord in our communities and prevent such illegal installations from taking place”.

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