Senior Special Assistant to Ekiti State Governor John Kayode Fayemi on Public Communications, Segun Dipe, has described the victory of Dr. Fayemi at the tribunal as a confirmation of the total collapse of former Governor Ayo Fayose’s political structure and relevance.

In Dipe’s words: “The unanimous decision at the tribunal on Monday 28 January 2018 which declared Dr. John Kayode Fayemi as the undisputed winner of the Governorship election of 14 July 2018, is a tactical confirmation that Fayose and all that he represented in Ekiti politics were gone for good.”

Though a predictable victory, Dipe said, the tribunal verdict was also a reinforcement of the resoluteness of Ekiti people to do away with the deceptive era and stay with the truth. “It is the decision of the people, which cannot be altered,” he stressed.

Fayose, the immediate past governor in the state, was the sole sponsor of the candidacy of Prof. Kolapo Olusola Eleka in the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, for the 14 July 2018 election.

Fayemi scored a total of 197,459 votes against Eleka’s 178,921. Fayemi’s victory was however challenged by Eleka, who alleged that the election was characterised by irregularities, consequent upon which Eleka had approached the election tribunal to contest Fayemi’s victory at the poll, but his request has fallen flat.

“It is hoped that Eleka would at this point see Fayose for who he really is: a deluded fellow, whose only desire is to constantly hold on to power with the intention of using it to oppress the people, trample on their rights and turn himself to their object of worship.

It will be nice if Eleka can bury his hatchet at this point and stop being in the shadow of Fayose, who never meant well for him or anyone else. Eleka should accept the fact that power belongs to God, who gives and takes at will.

Gov. Fayemi, in his usual magnanimity, has stretched his arm of fellowship to everyone. Eleka should embrace it and ignore those power mongers around him, whose only desire for power is for the sake of it, and nothing else.

Fayose is like the proverbial tortoise, who has chosen not to desist from his journey to perdition until he has been fully disgraced.

Understandably, the experience of rejection can lead to a number of adverse psychological consequences ranging from deliquency to low self-esteem, aggression, delusion and even depression. It can also lead to feelings of insecurity and a heightened sensitivity to future rejection. This are what Fayose is going through at the moment.

Dipe therefore urged Ekiti people to see a Fayemi victory as a collective victory, remain resolute and steadfast in their belief that good has prevailed over evil.

“Fayemi could only win the election because the people wanted him to. He has promised to restore the “Omoluabi” values in Ekiti. The people have also resolved to give the governor their wholehearted support to ensure that a Fayose and his entreaties will never be able to deceive them again,” Dipe noted.

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