A young House of Assembly aspirant has told people of her constituency to haul stone at her if after 4 year of being voted as member of her state House of Assembly if she didn’t attend to their yearnings and aspirations.

Bukola Ijeoma Ogunsanwo who is vying for the Ogun state House of Assembly, Sagamu Constituency on the platform of Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) said her aspiration was informed by her desire to help in bringing development to her constituency.

According to this beautiful and brilliant scion of the prodigious Ogunsanwo family, Sagamu, ” I have gone round the nooks and crannies of my constituency and have identified areas that are begging for attention. I have also, in the course of self assigned investigation or search, identified some of the needs of the people”.

Ogunsanwo said her heart bled when she discovered that many communities in her constituency, in this century lacked some basic and essential amenities which should not cost either the government or any worthy representative any bone straightening efforts.

This graduate of Chemistry said, ” I would be coming to run developmental errands for the people of my constituents because I live within the constituency, feel what others feel. I’m coming as their eyes, as a voice for their collective voices in order to bring about development”, she assured.

Bukola Ogunsanwo lamented that the problem with past occupiers of the position was that after being voted into office used to see themselves as the leaders of the constituency instead of understanding that they hold such position in trust for the people, and to whom they should be accountable.

This charming and accessible aspirant declared, ” for me, I want to go to the Ogun state House of Assembly as the “servant” of the people of my constituency because our collective needs and desires remain the focal point of my aspiration”.

Ogunsanwo stated that anytime she heard people say “our youth are lazy” or that all they do is cultism or cyber crimes (Yahoo Yahoo) she was always worried because according to her the abandonment of these youth who should have been the nucleus of the nation’s develpment was partly responsible.

She therefore promise to strengthen the empowerment programmes she has been doing in some selected areas of her constituency such as Ogijo, if voted into office by the constituents.

Reacting to the questions pertaining to the chances of her party, Alliance for New Nigeria as well as her own as a green horn in the Nigerian polity, Bukola Ogunsanwo said that the newness of the party was what made her join it because she felt Nigerians should open new vista in bringing about the seemingly elusive developmental spirit which she claimed has been her drive.

She enjoined electorate to look in her direction cast their vote for her because she has come to serve them and not to rule over them as the case had been in the past, promising to give her to making her constituency a pride of place in the state.”my passion to serve underscores my strength”, she stressed.

On how she intended to achieve much knowing full well Assemblyman do not have any executive power, she said she would amongst others: propose, support and sponsor bills that would bring about the needs of her People in the areas of Agriculture, Education, Employment, Empowerment of youth and woman, Health and health services, sports, infrastructure, power, business development as well as social services.

Ogunsanwo expressed profoundly her gratitude to the considerate constituents who, during her ward to ward Campaign received her warmly. She held in reverence the Royal fathers she had met in the course of courtesy calls for being unimaginably warm and pleasant to her, saying on their fatherly love and prayers, as well as the magnanimity of God she had hung her confidence upon.

She noted that His Royal Majesty, Oba Babatunde Adewale Ajayi, Akarigbo and Paramount Ruler of Remoland has displayed an immeasurable fatherly love, support, thought provoking and rare inspiring words with which she armed herself in her quest to serve her People.

The aspirant, Bukola Ijeoma Ogunsanwo was born in the northern part of Nigeria to Yoruba father and Igbo mother.

Story by Oyinade Olufemilade. Online Editor: Olamide Yinusa. Publisher/ C.E.O.; Henry Femi Ojoye Jr.

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