Officials of Ogun State Signage and Advertisements Agency (OGSAA) have described members of Gboyega Nasir Isiaka Campaign Organisation (GNICO) as their aggressors because they attacked their men while performing their lawful duties.

This was disclosed in a Press release signed by the General Manager of the agency, Akin Bandele in reaction to the Press Conference and accusations made against their officers and men which they described as a calculated attempt by the GNICO to defame the agency.

The decried the allegations of hostility towards GNICO as frivolous and grievous, and are therefore saw the exigent need to set the record straight in order to protect the reputation of the agency.

“We are constrained to formally respond to this grievous allegation and set the records straight to protect the reputation of OGSAA as an organisation guided by professionalism and best practices in its operations”, Bandele stressed.

According to him, “On Saturday 1st December 2018, OGSAA Monitoring and Enforcement team on routine duty came across illegal “A” Boards mounted and placed across Abeokuta by GNICO. Expectedly, OGSAA Enforcement team swiftly moved into action and removed the “A” Boards. During the course of this lawful activity, the African Democratic Congress (ADC) members attacked OGSAA officials”, he explained.

The General Manager stated that the leader of OGSAA Enforcement team was seriously rough handled, beaten and that he sustained serious injuries. All this happened in the presence of Mr. Gboyega Nasir Isiaka, the gubernatorial candidate of the ADC, adding that the incident was duly reported the same day by the officials of OGSAA at the Zone 2 Mobile Police Command, Ibara, Abeokuta.

He disclosed that the Law Enforcement Agents subsequently cautioned and advised ADC members to follow due process and subsequently removed the offending illegal “A” Boards. “This incident was widely reported in the print and electronic media. This verifiable account clearly indicates that GNICO was the aggressor in this incident as against the claim of hostility and bias levelled against OGSAA” he stressed.

Bandele added, “It is important to place on record that it was only after this incident of Saturday 1st December 2018 that OGSAA received a back dated application and request from GNICO for the deployment of 40 units of 48 sheets standard billboards”

The General Manager stated as at Saturday 29 December, GNICO had neither applied nor paid for a single “A” frame board currently being deployed illegally across the state.

He stated OGSAA is established by law as an Independent Regulatory Agency with the sole mandate of Enforcement, Regulation and Control of Outdoor Advertisements, Billboards, Signages and Displays – be it political or commercial, adding that the agency is guided by best practice.

Bandele enjoined all political parties and their candidates to observe due process by obtaining Permits and Approvals before deploying billboards and other political signs. This according to him would enable the Agency to duly enlist the co-operation of law enforcement agents in securing these valuable media assets.

Story by Emmanuel Benjamin. Online Editor: Olamide Yinusa. Publisher/ C.E.O.; Henry Femi Ojoye Jr.

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