Political parties under the aegis of Political Party Chairmen, Ogun State have denounced the adoption of a governorship candidate by the Ogun state Chapter of Intra-Party Advisory Council ( IPAC ), describing the action as self-centered as well as a barbaric attention seeking move.

Olusegun Olufemi, Spokesperson of the group at a special Press briefing held yesterday in Abeokuta, Ogun State urged the general public to disregard such claim by Abayomi Arabambi because according to him IPAC had never had any meeting pertaining to such issue let alone adopt gubernatorial candidate of any party.

Reacting to the question of who their own candidate said they did not have any preferred candidate, adding that they had not gathered for such purpose other than to vehemently dispel the lies being

spread by Arabambi and his cronies. “Our gathering is not to select a preferred candidate but to condemn without mincing words the action of Arabambi and his cronies who are unilaterally taking an infamous decision which the group was uncool with.

The group comprised 10 political parties namely: All Blending Party; People’s Progressive Party; Democratic People’s Congress; Better Nigeria People’s Party; Advance Congress of Democrats.

Others are Freedom and Justice Party; National Action Congress; National Democratic Liberty Party; Masses Movement of Nigeria; Progressive People’s Alliance and Better Nigeria People’s Party.

Intra- Party Advisory Council, led by Abayomi Arabambi in the state last week reportedly at the launch of APM announced that 60 political parties had endorsed Honourable AbdulKadir Adekunle Akinlade of Allied People’s Party as their governorship candidate.

Story by Abbey Alli. Online Editor: Olamide. Publisher/ C.EO.; Henry Femi Ojoye Jr.

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