Abiodun has expressed confidence that the incumbent state Governor, Ibikunle Amosun would make up with him, support his candidature as the governorship candidate of All Progressive Alliance (APC) for the state and also lead the campaign for his election.

The APC governorship candidate maintained that Amosun would kick start the APC campaign in the state and use the occasion to raise his hand up as the authentic APC governorship candidate for Ogun state in the coming general elections.

Fielding questions from journalists regarding the position of the incumbent governor, who has on many occasions declared that he would neither recognise him nor support his candidature, Abiodun explained that Amosun would attend the flag off of his governorship campaign when it was time for campaign.

He explained that the state leadership of the party still had time between now and election period to resolve whatever intra-party wrangling threatening the cohesion of the party and the possibility of approaching the election as one united political family.

“Our issues are internal and there is no how such internal crisis would not occur. I am assured and confident that all issues relating to our party state executive will be resolved”.

“I am convinced that there is still enough time between now and the election time. We have mechanism within the party that we use in settling our disputes. We still have about enough days to the election and I am confident that before then, our disputes with the state executive committee of the party would be settled”.

“We would soon flag off the campaign and of course the governor would be at our flag off. And of course, the governor of the state is the leader of the party, I don’t have the doubt in my mind that the governor of Ogun state will be at the flag off and raise my hand up as the candidate of the party”.

The APC governorship candidate however, used the occasion to reel out programmes with which he intended administer the affair of the state and also rejuvenate the Ogun economy if elected next year.

Prince Dapo Abiodun disclosed that transparency and accountability would form the nucleus of his administration’s programmes which he said would assist towards restoring the citizens’ confidence and trust in government under him.

He explained that APC ‘s administration under him would work towards providing 24-hour uninterrupted electricity supply for the state through an Independent Power Project (IPP).

He stated in addition to providing an enabling environment for ease of doing businesses in the state, APC’s administration under his watch in Ogun would fully implement the Universal Basic Education Act in a way that would prioritize free education from primary school to the Junior Secondary School III.

Others included: development of rural roads, agricultural system that would be evolved towards feeding Ogun and its neighbouring states.

A comprehensive and qualitative healthcare system that would licence the traditional health care givers to practice unhindered would be developed to strengthen the state health system and facilities

In the entertainment industry, the APC governorship candidate also pledged that Ogun under his watch would create the arts and entertainment village in a bid to transform the state’s tourism centers to economically viable ventures.

Story by: Abiodun Alli. Online Editor: Olamide Yinusa. Publisher/ C.E.O.; Henry Femi Ojoye Jr.

Categories: POLITICS

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