Paying tithes has been described as a system that belongs to kindergarten Christianity: And that to reap bountifully from God one needed to look in the direction of the needy members of the society.

This hint was dropped by the Set Man of Treasure House of God, Pastor Adeseye Senfuye during the church Christmas Carol, held in the church, Quarry Road, Abeokuta in the South Western part of Nigeria.

He stated that if one had benefitted from the favour and grace of Almighty God and decided to contribute to building the kingdom by contributing to the vineyard in whatever forms, such steps are welcome.

He identified selfishness as the main reason many prayers are not answered and the people would not prosper in life, telling them that if they truly wanted to be blessed they should learn to first of all bless the needy. “If you really wanted to prosper you should learn to sow seeds into the lives of others, particularly the needy members of their society”, he emphasised.

He lamented that it was unfortunate that many people come to the house of God only to seek for His bountiful blessings upon them but would never remember or think of stretching a hand to the needy in the society, believing once they paid their tithes God would look in their direction and favour them. This is not enough”, Pastor Adeseye Senfuye stressed.

He stated if they learnt to be good to their neighours, immediate communities as well as the needy in the society, every home would experience the magnanimity of God, the larger community would be better, things would begin to look up in the country and each and every one would certainly prosper and the nation would be better.

Pastor Senfuye told the congregation that if they wanted the fulfilment of their heart desires in the coming year they should not bring any tithes to church from the day of the Christmas Carol, but begin to save, and whatever they are able to put should be given to any needy members of the society.

According to him, “Do not bring tithes to the church, begin to save money from now. Whatever you are able to save from this moment till December 31, 2018, look for any needy, whether in your immediate neighbourhood or wherever you can find any and give all that you have put together to them. This is the way to guarantee prosperity in 2019″.

Pastor Senfuye described the Nigerian nation as a blessed and great nation whose loses, according him would return soon and the entire people would heave a sigh of relief. ” I have an unwavering belief that the nation will experience the presence and greatness of God and would become a land of plenty, a great nation like never before. The people will also prosper”, he assured.

The event was graced by, amongst others: His Royal Majesty, Oba Lanre Tejuosho, Osile of Oke On, Abeokuta, Pastor and Pastor Mrs Achiedume of Living, Abeokuta, Princess Iyabo Odulate-Yusuf, former Head of Service, Ogun State.

Story by: Oyinade Olufemilade. Online Editor: Olamide Yinusa. Publisher/ C.E.O.; Henry Femi Ojoye Jr.

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