People’s Party of Nigeria (PPN) is ready to rescue the people of Nigeria and indeed the Nigerian nation from PDP and APC, the two parties that have plunged the country into her present pitiable state in the committee of nations.

The Chieftain of the People’s Party of Nigeria, Bola Oyedele said that the failures of PDP and APC have made the people of Nigeria to continuous search for alternative party and progressive leadership which he claimed his party offered in abundance.

Oyedele who is the Chairman of the party in Ogun state said PPN as the name implies, is the only people- oriented party in Nigeria on the grounds that the party’s ideology and manifestoes are basically centered around people. “PPN is the only party of the people by the people and for the people in Nigeria”, he stressed.

He stated that the main aim of PPN has always been to provide Nigeria and Nigerians quality and resourceful leadership that would turn the country around for the better having suffered immeasurably from the maladministration of PDP and APC whose leadership have eaten the country to her marrow.

He said the country needed to be rescued economically and socially. “There are incessant power outages, bad roads in every nook and crannies of the country, starvation and deprivation. The people do not have good homes to live, our education on the down turn. Ethnic militia everywhere maiming and killing people by the seconds. This is certainly unacceptable and our people cannot continue to exist, they must live, hence PPN is ready to rescue the country”, he assured.

Oyedele said they have located eminently qualified Nigerians for all elective positions to be lead the rung of leadership in the country because they believed the time is now if Nigerians are really desirous of taking Nigeria out of the woods. ” Our people have suffered untold hardship in the mist of plenty. This is unfortunate and must be condemned by voting out PDP and APC.

According to the Ogun state Chairman of the party whose presidential Candidate is Dr. Hamza Al- Mustapha , PPN is the fastest growing party in Nigeria, as well as the 3rd largest, adding that they are investing more in the youth and tapping from the reservoir of knowledge of the elderly.

Oyedele stated that his party was not new to governance because, according to him some of their members have occupied some positions and performed excellently, saying their quality representation made PPN the party of choice for Nigerians to rescue Nigeria from the ruins caused by bad leadership.

Reacting to possible coalition, the party Chieftain said it was not impossible where they found people who shared their aspirations and party or parties which believed in their own party’s ideological postulation and drive.

Story by: Kunle Kolebaje and Benjamin Emmanuel. Online Editor: Olamide Yinusa. Publisher/ C.E.O.; Henry Femi Ojoye Jr.

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