YOU ARE LIARS  AND “ASS LICKERS” – Group replies aggrieved 26


A group known as Cerebral Round Table has described the 26 aggrieved Aspirants as a bunch of liars and “ass lickers” who are shamelessly acting the script of their master, Senator Ibikunle Amosun.

The group based in Abeokuta led by Adeyemi Olusoga said it was unfortunate that some of these people who were hitherto regarded as brilliant, intelligent and confident crop of indigenes of the state could descent this low as to be enrolled into the infamous and selfish enterprise of the governor who they described as wicked, self-centered and greedy.

The group stated that it was shocking and unbelievable to hear and see Senator Ibikunle Amosun crying and complaining of being sidelined or cheated by the fraudulent exercise he masterminded when he started behaving and talking as if he were God ” He has certainly shown to the world that he should be avoided by all means possible”, they stressed.

The group said that it was incredibly damaging and unimaginable to hear Amosun saying in the open that he met APC in tattars when he got the gubernitorial ticket of the party in 2011 saying such comment presented him as an ungrateful person. He has been burnt by the fire he ignited for other who were his benefactors.

The group who claimed to be non political, religious or profit-driven and are not seeking any gains from any politicians or political parties opined that God gave victory to Prince Dapo Abiodun for his level headedness even in the face of provocation and huge financial support for the Governor during the election that brought him to power as Abiodun revealed sometime while addressing party faithfuls.

Additionally God decided to show to the likes of Governor Amosun who have been so blessed and became drunk that He made them and that they are like pencils in His hands. The group believed if he had taken halve of the elective positions and given halve to the rest leaders all this problems militating against APC and threatening the  well-being of the state would not have happened

The group called on the National Working Committee and entire leadership of All Progressive Congress to expell him now if they did not want him to do more damage to the party, because according to them, himself and his lieutenants would play spoilers’ game by voting against the candidates of the party in the forthcoming general elections.

They warned the party not to trust Governor Amosun and his lieutenants by just were pronouncement that they would support and vote massively for President Buhari, because according to the group Amosun and his team have already concluded plans to work against the party’s interest in the 2019 general elections.

They wondered why Governor Amosun is being disgruntled now when he had earlier mapped out plans to deny all other leaders of the party the opportunity of either fielding candidates or contesting for any of the 40 available elective positions.  “Is it not unthinkable that one individual who is not a sole owner or financial of a party populated by several thousands of people would be the only one selecting or fielding candidates for the whole 40 positions available for the party? This is Greed”, Olusoga stressed.

They decried what they described as shameless boldness and denigrating audacity of the aspirants for holding a press briefing over an issue that was crystal clear to them that their boss incurred the wrought of the leadership of the party as a result of his greed and self-centeredness, saying that by the singular act of addressing the Press they have established that there was nothing more to them than the toga of positions adorned upon them by their master, Senator Ibikunle Amosun.

“They have really belittle themselves and presented their master as a maximum leader as well as an emperor as Comrade Adams Oshiomole has openly called him. It is really pitiable that this crop of people who were highly rated could debase and denude themselves of all the respect”, they explained.

Members of the cerebral Round Table enjoined the leadership of APC to dismiss their claim and demand. With the wave of the hands because they did not do it conscientiously but are being manipulated by their master who had been behaving as if he had everyone in Ogun State in his pocket.

Story by: Ajibola Olarinloye. Online Editor: Olamide Yinusa. Publisher/ C.E.O. : Henry Femi Ojoye

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