The ruling party in Nigeria has been described as a party of disgruntled elements and strange bed fellows who only came together to oust PDP but without any viable or workable manifestoes

This statement was made by the Chairman of PDP, Ogun State, Alhaji Sikirulaihi Ogundele in our exclusive interview with our team after his party’s meeting at Park Inn, Abeokuta, Ogun State

Ogundele said no reasonable person would vote the All Progressive Party because there is nothing progressive about them, rather they have come to make life unbearable for the people, adding that the end to the suffering of Nigerians with APC in power isreally not insight other than to vote APC out of power.

Said he,” you knew what US Dollar was to Naira under PDP rule, about 90 Naira to a Dollar: And you Know what it is now. That tells you APC has nothing to offer Nigerians. The Naira to Dollar explained why it is impossible to do any viable business with any foreign companies.

He stated it was crying shame that the incumbent Governor of Ogun state, Senator Ibikunle  Amosun has continued to spend the fund of the state on planting of flowers and beautification at the expense of the well-being of the people. Disturbingly some of the beautification are not only unnecessary but wasteful and not needed.

Ogundele stated that some of what APC described as infrastructural facilities are not needed as they are not been used ” look at the pedestrian bridge at sokori. That bridge, since it has been constructed no one has used. The model schools built in selected areas of the state are today not operational. Of course no parent who value the lives of their children would send their children or wards to the schools in this day of kidnapping and abduction here and there in the country”, he buttressed

Reacting to the intra party wrangling, Alhaji Ogundele said PDP as far as he was concerned remained as one because the national body only recognized him as Ogun state Chairman of the party. “The other ones who parade himself as factional leader is a school drop out, rascal who is not recognized by the national leadership of our great party.”

The PDP Chairman said the party has only one Governorship candidate and that is Honourable Oladipo Adebutu, who according to him would be the next Governor of Ogun state and would deliver the people of the state from the clueless government presently at the helms of affairs.

He said it is worrisome that the Amosun government is enriching nationals of other countries in the name of expert who are engaged in one developmental projects or the other because these people are taking our money to their own countries

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